About Me

Since Secondary school, I have been very interested in the wonders of editing. I initially joined Video Production to widen my knowledge in editing but I was wrong. 

Before going into Video Production, I had little to no experience in handling all the equipments and I had no intention in learning it. But with the help of the lecturers and my peers, I am more motivated to learn and try out the equipments that are in store for us. During group projects, I am usually the lighting man and during the group projects, I got to learn more about the different lighting techniques and things that can be done to make the scene look nicer.

One of my favourite project that I have done was a side project that my group and I had shot for that was meant for a bigger project. The video is basically an iPhone commercial, but shot and edited differently to the usual iPhone commercial. We faced a lot of challenges but we overcame it and made the shots we had work.